Alien Life Closer to Home

Although intelligent life has yet to make its debut for us, extraterrestrial life may be a little closer that we typically think of- specifically Martian life.  No, no, not little green men or facehugger kind of Martian life, but microbial life.  And not just on Mars either!  The three likeliest candidates for elementary life in our solar system are the places where it is likely there is or was liquid water.


Martian polar ice cap:

We know there is ice on Mars, and it’s not entirely unlikely that liquid water exists, in some capacity, somewhere on the planet.  That makes it prime real estate for young life.  There is also evidence for sub-surface liquid water on both Europa and Enceladus, making a wonderful, contained environment for life to grow.  There is also a possibility that life of a different kind than we’re used to could inhabit the liquid methane/ethane lakes on Jupiter’s moon, Titan.  All of these are exciting possibilities for the observation of life in its youngest stages.

Source: wikipedia


One thought on “Alien Life Closer to Home

  1. This is very interesting – it will be key to see if aliens could have survived in those conditions for all that time, with a weak magnetic field and freezing temperatures. It could bring us back to the possibility if there were microbes under the ice of Mars that the planet has some kind of subsurface lakes or oceans.


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